Truffles and Pralines (24pcs)

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Sending someone a gift of chocolates may show a sign of affection or love. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special or just want to sink your teeth into an indulgent treat, our chocolates is always the best choice. Our chocolate pralines and truffles are handmade using imported premium Swiss chocolate,  each little chocolates are silky, creamy and it’s a decadent treats that will catch your breath in no time and bring you an awesome sensation. Our 24 Cavity chocolates box comes in a total of all 12 different flavors:

Mango Passion Cookie & Cream Truffle
Tiramisu Hazelnut Truffle
Passion-Tea Framboesa (Raspberry)
Spice & Milk Orange Truffle
Cocoa Truffle Rocher (Almonds)
Saffron Lemon & Lime



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Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet treats among adults and children. It comes in many different shapes and varieties, but basically they are classified into dark, white and milk chocolate. Among these, milk chocolate is always the most popular and best-selling chocolate varieties. Milk chocolate is sweet, light in color, smooth with a velvety texture that will melt all the way in your mouth. It is made with chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, less than 30% of cocoa solids, diluted with milk solids, sugar and cream, giving it a smooth and creamy taste in each bite. Milk chocolate made with milk and with lower amount of cocoa solids is milder, sweeter, creamier and less chocolaty than dark chocolate, therefore making it especially popular among the children.

Milk chocolate is developed by M. Daniel Peter. In 1867, Peter first attempted to blend milk into chocolate, but it didn’t turn out well as the liquid milk and chocolate liquor tends to separate. It wasn’t until several years later with the help of Peter’s neighbor, Henri Nestle the inventor of evaporated milk came up with the idea of mixing sweetened condensed milk with chocolate liquor and lead to the production of first successful milk chocolate in the world. Milk chocolate has a sweet and mellow chocolate flavor that is widely adore by the sweet chocolate lovers and it is the most commonly eating chocolate in the world today. Milk chocolate with its own unique taste and sensation can definitely provide you a blissful and sweet indulgence that will brighten up your mood.


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