Who doesn’t like freshly baked cookies? Almost everybody loves cookies. Cookie is a comforting, tasty and toothsome sweet treat that is perfect for anyone, anytime and any occasion. If you are having difficulty in choosing the perfect gift for someone special, why not send a gift of fresh baked cookies from Junandus? Whatever the occasion, a cookie gift is for sure a considerate and appreciated way to send your thoughts to that special person. Biting into a sweet, somewhat chewy and soft cookie that remains a slight crunch is one of life’s simple pleasures. The sweet and buttery aroma will just permeates into your brain and indelibly imprinted on your memory, make you keep hunting for this finger licking goods.

Cookies can be baked or unbaked, but usually they are baked until crispy or just long enough that they remain soft and chewy. The softness and crunchiness of the cookies depend on the baking time. Basic ingredients of cookies include flour, sugar, eggs, butter or shortening. It can be simple or complex depends on the type of ingredients used. Nowadays cookies are made in a wide range of flavours, using multitude of ingredients such as chocolate, peanut, almond, dried fruits, spices and oatmeal. They are generally flour based, but they can be flourless by making it from egg whites.

According to culinary history, the first cookie was created by accident. Cookie was invented in the days when there were no thermostats in the oven. A small amount of cake batter was used as a test cake to see if the ovens are at the right temperature to bake cakes. Instead of ruining the entire cake, a “little cake” was tested first. These little test cake was called “koekje” which means “little cake” in Dutch. At that time, no one ever thought that these little test cake would become an utterly delicious treat with charms of its own. The concept then evolved into small, individual baked goods to create the crispy and crumbly texture of cookies that we know today.

Everyone loves cookies. The smell and flavour of a warm, crunchy yet chewy cookie is enough to drive anyone crazy. Cookies with a sweet taste, is a single-serving finger food that is extremely delicate, it breaks and melts in your mouth with every single bite. Cookies make great afternoon snacks and deserts, it can be soft, chewy or crispy; big or small; plain or fancy. Whether you are enjoying a cup of tea to start your day or pampering yourself in an afternoon tea break, it always tastes better with a crisp, lightly flavored, or delicately spiced cookie that enhances and goes well with the taste of the tea leaves.

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