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Birthday Cake

Birthday cake is a must in birthday celebrations of all age. Birthdays are incomplete without cutting birthday cakes and blowing out candles. In Junandus, we provide you with a vast variety of cakes to choose from, available in various flavour, shape, size and design to suit individual taste. If you would like to celebrate your birthday in a special and memorable way, log on to to shop online for your birthday cake. Free delivery your order to anywhere within Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bahru and Penang in Malaysia on the date you select. We promise to provide you with the birthday cake that will lighten up your day with its breathtaking taste!!
Today, birthday cake has become a symbol of the celebration of ones birthday. But have you ever wondered the reason behind the tradition of eating cake and blowing off candles on your birthday? Where does the idea of birthday cake and candles come from? The tradition of cakes and birthday celebrations started around the Ancient Romans. In early Europe, cake is a simple, bread-like pastry. The only difference between cake and bread was that cake was sweet while bread was not. It was believed that the first birthday cake was being made in Germany in the middle ages. In the 15th century, some German bakeries come up with the idea of making one-layer cakes for their customers’ birthdays and weddings, thereby giving born to the modern birthday cakes.
What about birthday candles? Who was the pioneer to light a cake on fire? There are a few theories about the origins of birthday candles. Some scholars believe that the tradition of placing candles on birthday cakes began from early Greeks, where people brought cakes decorated with lit candles to the temple of Artemis to honour the goddess’s birth on the sixth day of every lunar month. The lighted candles which glow like the moon are a popular symbol associated with Artemis. Besides that, they also believed that the smoke from the lit candles will carried their wishes and prayers to there Gods who lived in the heaven. This explains today’s culture of making wishes before blowing out the birthday candles.
However, there is evidence of the use of candles during birthday celebrations in 18th Century Germany. Therefore, others scholars believe that the tradition of birthday candles began from Germany instead of Greeks. In Germans cultures, cakes were used to celebrate Kinderfest (Kinder is the German words for ‘children’), which is a birthday celebration for young children in Germany. A single birthday candle was lit and placed on the cake to symbolize the “light of life”. This was the period that they began to introduce birthday cakes with more elaborate detail of icing, layers, flavors and decorations. Various types of ingredients were added to make the cake sweeter and smoother than the usual bland, coarse bread-like cake.
The birthday tradition that we followed today was similar to the Germans tradition in the use of cakes and also candles. This version of the tradition can be traced back to 1746, where Count Ludwig Von Zinzindorf held a large birthday festival with cake and candles. It was described that “there was a Cake as large as any Oven could be found to bake it, and Holes made in the Cake according to the Years of the Person’s Age, everyone having a Candle stuck into it, and one in the Middle.” This leads to today’s tradition of eating cake and blowing off candles during birthday celebration.

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