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The Italian inventions of classical Biscotti, crispy in bites with whole lots of almonds, whether having it as a snack, or to dip in your coffee or tea, biscotti is the ideal cookie to go along with. It is packed full of flavor and make a great treats that give you a nutty crunch, with a subtle sweet almond flavor that comes from the chunks of toasted almonds and pure almond extract. Thin cut with precision, all handmade, simply delicious.


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If you enjoy taking a coffee or tea break in the middle of the afternoon, biscotti is the ideal snack to go along with your beverage. Nowadays biscotti are typically served with hot coffee or tea, where people can choose to dip it into the beverage itself. However in Italy, biscotti are traditionally served as an after-dinner dessert with wine to help moisten the biscuit and add flavour as it can be dry because it is baked twice. The word “Biscotti” means twice cooked. The cookie dough is first shaped into logs and baked, and then it is sliced into individual biscotti and baked again until it reaches the desire dryness. This makes it hard and crunchy, therefore especially suitable as “dipping” cookies because they will not disintegrate when you immerse it into the drinks.

Biscotti is said to have originated from Italy city of Prato, credited to an Italian baker who originally served them with Tuscan wines. In fact it is said that Christopher Columbus carried biscotti on his long sea voyage because they were the perfect food for sailor since they are so dry and can be stored for a long periods of time without having the problem of spoilage. Traditionally biscotti were almond flavored but today these popular Italian cookies have many varieties by adding different dried fruits, chocolate, nuts, seeds and spices in them. The main ingredients of a classic almond biscotti composed of flour, sugars, eggs, whole almonds, pure almond extract and baking powder.

Almond biscotti are easily recognized by their oblong shapes. It is packed full of flavour and make a great treats that give you a nutty crunch. Its texture is crispy and crunchy, with a subtle sweet almond flavour that comes from the chunks of toasted almonds and pure almond extract. Biscotti is an elegant and simple snack or dessert that is especially good when enjoyed with a cup of coffee in the morning or dipped into a sweet dessert wine after dinner. Biscotti are an extremely low fat and tasty cookie that you won’t be disappointed and feel good about eating more than one. It is a simply delightful traditional cookie that once tasted, you will certainly agree that you have found something very special.

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17 reviews for Italian Biscotti

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    First time trying this and it is a little bit disappointing considering the cakes and other cookies have been great. Taste wise is average, looks thin and neatly sliced but not very crispy (container wasn’t airtight enough probably).

  2. Y. Ho (verified owner)

    always love this

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)


  4. Pattelyn Ng (verified owner)

    Recipients say they like it

  5. Alan Yu (verified owner)


  6. Alan Yu (verified owner)


  7. Anonymous (verified owner)


  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Will definitely buy again!

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