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Mille Crepe Cakes

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Delivering Happiness Through Cakes” – JUNANDUS

Junandus is the home of the finest food, it’s for people who care about quality, for people who want to give only the best to their love one, for people who passionate about great food!

At Junandus, we believe that great delicacy always start from the best ingredients. Whether it is chocolates from Switzerland, vanilla beans from Madagascar, mascarpone cheese from Italy, or Alphonso mango puree from India, at Junandus, the taste of the world can be found here.

Chocolate pralines and truffles at Junandus are made using 100% couverture chocolates imported from Switzerland. Handcrafted with patients and love, each perfectly shaped chocolates looks gorgeous and taste absolutely stunning. Nothing could be greater as a gift to your beloved one.

Cakes at Junandus are awesome. Whether it’s the sinful chocolate cake, all-time favorite cheesecake, or the recent hit of mille crepe and red velvet cake, we have got it covered. Our Tiramisu cake uses pure Mascarpone cheese while many replace with cream cheese, whereas our signature black forest cake is one of its kind that you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. You only celebrate your birthday once in a whole long year, you and your love one deserve the best.

Cookies at Junandus are kept to our mom’s old time tasting recipe. Butter and chocolate cookies, the best memories from childhood goodness, to the modern biscotti are also available at Junandus in hampers and gifts. Sometimes, food at Junandus are not just about stylish with a modern taste, it’s also about keeping our grandparent classical taste and share to the generations of today.


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